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Here is the first update of our journey.
We are now in Canada visiting with family and friends in the area.  Our trip here was an interesting start as far as the current air travel situation is concerned. On August 16, we flew from Paris to New York with one brief stop over in London. In Paris we were informed that we were not allowed to take any electronic devices on board (including mobile phones, laptops, cameras, etc.), no liquids (including water), no tubes, creams, large or thick books!!! etc. We arrived in London just in time to take our places at the end of a very long line up of people. As a result of being required to participate in the waiting process, we just missed our scheduled flight to New York.  Luckily they were able to put us on the next flight which was scheduled to depart just a couple of hours later. While waiting for our newly schedule flight, the Airline company tried to locate our luggage in order for us to remove any matches or lighters which were in our bags. The airline company could not find them, so we boarded the plane and flew to New York, thinking that our luggage must have gone with our originally scheduled flight.  In New York we learned that our luggage (along with many other people's luggage) ended up lost/delayed so we left the airport  without it and walked around New York for the day.  We saw ground zero, a Native American museum, China town, statue of Liberty from afar, and a neat looking bridge.  Periodically we would think about different scenarios of what would happen if they couldn't relocate our backpacks and how they would compensate the loss of our personal belongings, especially the items which we weren't allowed to take onboard with us. We stopped off at a grocery store to purchase some food for lunch, and dinner.  Our tired feet and bodies welcomed the overnight bus trip to Canada where we could recline in the seats and eat our peanut butter with banana sandwiches.
The bus arrived in Toronto, Canada in time for us to miss our scheduled bus to Kitchener.  We took the next express bus to Kitchener, arriving earlier than anticipated.  Things were looking up :)  Brigitte (Karen's mother) was at the bus station already waiting for us.  Upon arriving at her home, we experienced a warm welcome from her dogs Flicker, Oli, Emma and Inka, her cat Molly, and borrowed some clothes to change into. 
Our backpacks were located 3 days later, flown to the nearest international airport, and then delivered to Brigitte's home.  We were still missing our tent.  The items inside of one of the two backpacks were displaced, some items were missing and others were damaged. C'est la vie !
Thursday, August 24, 2006
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