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Happy New (civil) Year !!
Jacobo received us from the 26th of December evening till the 1st of January morning. He works in a quite famous Australian palette company that has offices in Mexico. He lives with his mom Yolanda, his sister's cat and his dog, Jack. His family is quite extended : his mom has four sisters and one brother who almost all live in the same neighborhood. Two of her sisters have a successful beauty parlor. Chuy, one of the two, has been competing since the 60's and for years representing Mexico in World Hairdresser and Make-up competitions on the 5 continents, having won many prices.
During our stay with his family, as Jacobo was quite busy with his work, we had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Anthropology and its historical galleries, the Museum of Popular Cultures in Coyoacan displaying an exhibition on "mariposas", the park of Chapultepec, the zoo of Mexico City and the most important catholic place of the whole American Continent : the basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe (where the virgin Mary is said to have appeared to a peasant in the 16th century and is still currently a pilgrimage place of high importance).
On the 30th of December we attended the Bahá'í 19-day feast of Sharaf in Mexico City. There we met visitors from Canada who used to live in Cuernavaca and who traveled all the way by car to Mexico City from St. Marys, Ontario, Canada to be at that feast.
I bet you'll never guess where we spent the 31st of December 23h59...
So ?
guess again!... okay we'll tell you... we were seated cross legged in a temple room, holding rose petals in our hand with nice people chanting songs for peace and unity around us with nice indian music. We were at the celebration of the New Year in the Sikh Temple of Mexico City ! The sikhs ? you don't know ? They are the guys who wear turbans and have long, uncut beards and who speak punjabi. Spending that night with them was for us like having a taste of India before actually physically arriving there !! (the food was wonderful ! even though Karen thought it was a bit too spicy). At the end of the evening, or shall we say early morning, they served everyone very tasty hot almond and spice hot milk with a soft almond cookie.... muy rico!! (very delicious).
In the evening of the first day of the new year, we went to our nextwww.hospitalityclub.orgfriend, Sofia, who live in the south of Mexico City. There we met all of her roommates : Deni, student in graphic design, Veronica who is about to complete her studies in geology, their two cats and their dog, Cuca. Sofia, being done with her studies, works for a famous professional photographer to organize his image bank.
On Tuesday we went to the Indian Embassy and got our passports back containing the tourist visas !! How great !!
Karen had been invited on Wednesday by Chuy to her Beauty Parlor to be transformed again to a bride, as Chuy wanted to have a poster of Karen on the wall of her parlor. At first Karen hesitated but we finally went. That was just... A-MA-ZING how a person can be changed by the touch of an artist and a professional hairdresser like Chuy !! WARNING : you may not recognize Karen on the pictures ! What a beautiful present that was to both Karen and Ivan to live this experience exactly seven months after we got married in Roanne, France !!! (see the pictures of our New Year's Eve and of Karen as a model here)
We went on Thursday to Cuernavaca hitchhiking (yes, again !), leaving Sofia's apartment in the late morning. There, Armando, the brother of Ana we met on Christmas Eve, picked us up and brought us with our big backpacks to his place. After eating some tasty quesadillas, made by Armando himself, we went to the market of Cuernavaca. It was probably the biggest that we've seen so far on our travels. Armando was looking for some small, black avocados which he said were the most delicious avocados that he had ever tasted and he highly recommended us to taste them. It ended up that there were none to be found on that day, so we left the market with only a description of the avocados to imagine what they would have tasted like. We then went to pick up Abril and Dariana, Armando's 2 young daughters, from their relative's house and Martha, his wife, from her work place. We spent a peaceful evening with Armando and Marta before leaving Cuernavaca for Monterrey by plane with a new air company called vivaaerobus partly owned by RyanAir, the cheap one from Europe.
The total for the two of us inclusive of all taxes was less than $40 USD !
Now, Friday 5th of January 2007, we are here in Monterrey (Mexico), in a cheap, all-you-can-eat restaurant, waiting for our bus to go to San Antonio in Texas (USA) which departs tonight shortly before midnight. Then, that will be ¡¡hasta luego Mexico!!
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Saturday, January 6, 2007
Happy New (civil) Year !! Mexico part 3

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