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We spent a mostly rainy weekend with Richard (one of Karen's brothers), Viki (one of Karen's nieces) and Brigitte (Karen's mother) at her cottage in Point Clark which is within walking distance to the Lake. While there, we celebrated Richard's 37th birthday, learned about the x-box video games played by today's younger generation, watched a couple of DVD movies, worked on the computer and went to the beach.
The nearby beaches are now mostly covered with vegetation and the water has turned mucky along the shore. The lighthouse beach boat harbor is already empty, nevertheless it is always a nice place to visit and watch the sunset over the lake from the rocks.
One of the days of our stay, Richard drove us to the Kincardine boat harbor and took us on a tour of the Kincardine lighthouse. Many historic documents and items were to be discovered revealing stories of shipwrecked boats in the history of the lighthouse. We then visited the sandy, clear water beaches, walked to the end of the pier where people were fishing, and observed the beautiful green-blue water which was cold enough at this time of year not to jump into.
Monday, August 28, 2006
Lake Huron, Ontario

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