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We spent a wonderful week at Debbie's place doing many, many things ! On our first day in Glen Ellyn, Debbie took us garage saling (new word!) from the morning till the early evening. While Ivan was in the public library persistently striving to figure out how to put this internet site online, Debbie and Karen went on Sunday to look at some million dollar open-houses in Glen Ellyn. Amazingly huge houses, built on tiny little properties in the suburbs. Apparently the trend was to tear down average size houses and replace them with giant million dollar ones. Monday presented us with rain showers off and on all day. Later in the early evening we went walking to visit Karen's old school in Lombard and our way home, we had the rare opportunity to walk through areas of ankle deep water. We witnessed people in the streets trying to keep the drainage systems free from debris in front of their houses to avoid their basement from being overflowed... On Tuesday Debbie invited us to the Field Museum in Chicago and saw the Tutankamun exhibit. In the end we found out that Tutankamun wasn't really there in person, but instead many interesting artifacts from his tomb were on display. Yesterday Wednesday and today Thursday were days we spent visiting good friends of Karen in the area. Tomorrow we go to the Bahá'í temple in Wilmette !!
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Karen, Ivan and Debbie in Chicago
Thursday, October 5, 2006
Chicagoland !

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