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We got off to a slow start this morning. It was a bit chilly through the night so we ended up sleeping a bit longer than anticipated. Ivan finished our first blog entry before we packed up to head out for day two. Our first ride, a modern black pick up truck with leather seats, took us to a truck stop about 20 minutes closer to Flint, Michigan. The next ride came quicker, a roofer driving a white pick up truck took us to Flint, Michigan. A middle aged couple, the man with tattoos on his arm and neck, the woman wearing rainbow slippers for shoes, were next to stop and pick us up. As we were getting into the car the man got very upset and cursed as he was looking into the rearview mirror. He was the first among us all to notice the police vehicle pulling up behind us. We learned at that instant that he didn't have his drivers license. We all sat and waited for the police man to approach the driver, but instead the police man drove up to the side of the vehicle and said that he was just waiting to make sure that everything was okay. Whew!!! The couple dropped us off about 15 minutes down the road, closer to our goal. The next ride was in a reasonably cluttered car with a very quiet, relaxed driver. He took us to Lansing, Michigan. We waited only about 10 minutes before our last ride for the day, a young college student named Travis in his recently acquired pick up truck, offered to take us all the way to our destination about 6 hours away. The interesting thing about Travis was that he took us just because he wanted to help out. He just got out off work and didn't have to be in class until the next day in the afternoon and a mini road trip was more appealing to him than playing golf with his buddies. Thank you Travis for your help and for your email :) For sure we'll stay in touch with you ! When we think you had to drive the 6 hours back on your own, that's really proof of your kindness and of your helpfulness !
We made it to Chicago on the second day of our journey !!
Ivan, Travis (our hero for the day!) and Karen in Debbie's kitchen upon arrival in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA.
Saturday, September 30, 2006
Arrived in Chicago on the second day !!

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