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We finally picked up the repaired computer on Friday night (October 20th). It arrived without a bill, receipt or invoice and as Ivan had to give his bank info to Apple to proceed and his online banking showed him he had been billed, we had some more work to do to try and obtain proof of payment for repair to be reimbursed by American Airlines who damaged the computer...
On the evening of Friday, October 20th, we joined the San Antonio Bahá'í community for celebrating the Birth of the Báb which is one of the nine holy days of the bahá'í calendar. The celebration started with some music, prayers and readings from the Bahá'í writings, followed by a wonderful buffet style dinner provided by one of the families in attendance. Among the many wonderful people that we met during the evening was Margaret. She offered to host us for the remainder of our stay here in San Antonio. Margaret came to pick us up at Cayanne's house on Saturday afternoon. (We thank you Cayanne for hosting us at your home for the time we were there!! )
Our stay in San Antonio was extended yet again. We had decided during the past week that we would like to undertake a new Bahá'í project during our travels to come and we were now trying to get the final details organized. Thank you San Antonio Bahá'í community for your help with this and thank you especially Margaret for your hospitality, hosting us for the week and for your patience and tolerance taking us to run endless errands!
For security reasons we took a bus on Monday afternoon from San Antonio to Monterrey, Mexico. To buy the bus tickets we exceeded our daily budget of 5 euros per day which we are now making up for. We crossed the Mexican border without receiving a stamp in our passports or having our identification checked. We stayed in Monterrey for 2 nights with our hospitalityclub.org host Rocio. She is a student in Monterrey finishing her studies this December. Believe it or not Halloween is there also !
On Wednesday morning, we left hitchhiking for Veracruz, arriving there on Thursday evening, 2nd of November, that is a holiday in Mexico : "the day of the deads" followed by almost everyone here. Again we are staying with a hospitalityclub.org host who took us out into town on Thursday night to show us some Mexican dances and we finished our day with a late supper in a cheap restaurant.
We have found that as we are traveling through Mexico, WIFI internet connections are not so easy to find, so we apologize for the slow blog updates and will try to update the blog on a weekly basis. Enjoy!
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Bob, Margaret, Pat and Karen
Sunday, November 5, 2006
San Antonio, Mexico at last !!!

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