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We arrived at camp Wabanaki on Friday afternoon, after getting our travel immunisations at the Public Health Office, thanks to Brigitte and Allison (Karen's sister-in-law) who both took the time out of their day to drive us. Wabanaki is a camp on a small lake where Diana, Allison's daughter, was working as an assistant to the director, receiving children throughout the summer. It is located 4-5 hours north from Brigitte's house. When we arrived, responding to Diana's invitation to stay for the weekend, they were in the process of closing it up for the season.
The Wabanaki area was a small taste of what Northern Ontario might be like. Throughout our stay at the camp, we had the opportunity to participate in some outdoor activities among the beautiful scenery of the lake such as canoeing, biking, kayaking and walking. During our walks, we visited Chapel Rock, and Indian Rock, two small natural landmarks at the camp.
Magnetawan was the name of the empty camp cabin which was designated for us to use over the weekend. The camp food, now prepared by those people remaining to close the camp, was very creative and plentiful, to say the least. Diana taught us a new card game called “Wizard” which we played during two nights.
Diana had to drive a minibus back to Kitchener from the camp and it was with her we then left the camp being dropped off at Brigitte's this very evening. What a weekend !!
Monday, September 4, 2006
Camp Wabanaki - Huntsville, Ontario

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