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Our intended 4 day stay in El Salvador turned into 3 weeks!!! We visited many friends from different communities, social and economical development projects, Bahá'í inspired schools, a junior youth class, etc. Our visit to a community bank meeting took us to San Ramon where we stayed overnight. There we commemorated the Ascension of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, son of the founder of the Bahá'í Faith and His successor by the Covenant (see our previous blog entry). It was interesting to see that our host family had no electricity or running water, but they did have a cell phone! We wondered where they go to charge it...
During several days, thanks to the volunteer tutors, we were able to participate in a Ruhi Institute study circle of book 5 which covered topics related to working with junior youth - a very important and much neglected age group in our society. Here, without proper attention, many of them become little delinquents who want to become bigger and later join one of the gangs, very present in El Salvador, one of the many indirect consequences of the Civil War that ended in 1992.
A few days before coming to El Salvador we had decided to change our plans. We realized that we would like to be of more use and directly involved in bahá'í study circles (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Training_Institute for more explanation) so we requested a recommendation from the appropriate committee. While waiting for an answer from the committee, Karen was experiencing continued difficulties in trying to communicate effectively in Spanish. Our answer seemed to be, no answer, and we decided that it would be better if we went to an english speaking community to fulfill our change of plans. After much consultation and discussion, we decided to move our plans for next fall up to the present and to postpone the remainder of Central and South America to a later unknown date. We will be leaving tomorrow morning at 5:45 on a bus back to Mexico. By mid January we should be ..... where? ..... keep on reading ... guess! ... what was that? ... India!!!!
By the way, three of the most delicious food found here in El Salvador, according to Karen, are:
1) Pupusas (see picture above).
2) Fried plantains - they look like oversized bananas which have a unique taste when fried.
3) Avocados - they are cheap and delicious here!
also) Fresh cilantro sprinkled on bean tortillas and everything else.
Any comment ? ˆˆ
Sunday, December 17, 2006
El Salvador for 3 weeks!!
Delicious, scrumptuous, traditional El Salvadorian food. Pupusas are a corn or rice tortilla containing a filling of beans and cheese, as shown to the left, or other kinds of fillings.

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