3rd June, 2006
18 ‘Azamat 163 B.E.
On June 3rd 2006, bahá’í date 18 ‘Azamat 163, we finally got married !! We decided to celebrate the great event with our parents, our witnesses and their families. Out of 21 people invited, 19 ended up being present at our wedding dinner ;-)
After we found the wedding rings (bought in Turkey by Ivan on his way back from Haïfa), the wedding clothes in Roanne, the restaurant and the place for the bahá’í wedding ceremony, we edited our Wedding Survival Guide that explains everything about how it was going to take place. We started it about four weeks prior to the wedding, completed and printed it on W-Day at 3:55 PM having worked almost night and day for the whole week before !!
Here is Karen and Ivan’s Wedding Survival Guide.
You are welcome to see some of our wedding pictures here.

Enjoy your visit and do leave comments !!

french version
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Our Wedding

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