More Photos of India!
Ivan in Bangalore.
Karen in Bangalore.
Bus to Panchgani from Pune.
Wild pig wandering at a bus station on the way to Panchgani.
"Drinking" water stand commonly seen at the bus and railway stations in India.
Sign indicating the direction of the Bahá'í Academy in Panchgani.
A rare site in India!!  We found a public garbage can.
Lesan, Ivan and Karen at the Baha'i Academy in Panchgani.
NEDI in Panchgani.
Another garbage depot!!  This time on the NEDI campus.
Sunset view of Panchgani taken from the "Table Land" plateau.
Friendly monkeys hanging out at Table Land in Panchgani.
Camel rides on Table Land Plateau in Panchgani.
One among many signs seen in the streets of Panchgani advertising education.
New Era High School sign.
Local Panchgani donkey hanging out in the street.
"Sleeper" and very bumpy bus taken from Pune to Indore.
Silene (middle), a volunteer from France, with 2 students at Barli in Indore.
Working on a Batik design at Barli.
Cooking with solar oven technology at Barli in Indore.
Flowers at Barli in Indore.
Ivan and Rochan, a volunteer from Spain, at Barli in Indore.
Silene (left), Ivan and Karen at Barli.
Cooking with solar oven technology at Barli in Indore.
Back in Delhi... Ivan and Karen standing in front of "India Gate".
Bahá'í Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India.
Cows in the streets of New Delhi, looking for food and friendship among the trash.
Fast moving cycle rickshaw carrying a large load.

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