More Photos of India!
February-March 2007 - Bangalore, India.
Statues above the Ganesh Temple Street in Bangalore.
Cows searching for food on a sidewalk of Bangalore, India.
Cows searching for food among city ruins in Bangalore, India.
Masala Dosa (front) and Plain Dosa (back) with accompanying dipping sauces.
Bangalore cow strolling along the street.
Ivan with Mr. Yaganagi at Tuba's Palace bahá'í centre of Bangalore.
Modern office building neighbouring poverty camp in Bangalore, India.
Ivan enthusiastic about his coconut juice!
Blue horned cow in the streets of Bangalore near Tuba Palace bahá'í centre.
Cows meet to wash the local motor bikes!
Bangalore cow washing motor bike for free.
Another Bangalore cow washing motor bike for free.
Sticker from a city bus in Bangalore.  You'll never find this in North America!
Bangalore cow on the move...
More cows looking for food in the city of Bangalore in India.

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